School News!

1. Cafeteria Service Ending: 
Our last day of cafeteria service will be Thursday, June 19th.  Our cafeteria tables will be available for our last few days, please bring your own snack and lunch.
2. Yearbooks:
Yearbooks continue to be on sale for $25.00.  They will be handed out to students who have purchased on Monday, June 23rd in the afternoon.
3. Student Accounts:
All student accounts must be in order before report cards, field trips and other activities can take place.  Ex: textbooks, library books etc.
4. Field Trips: 
A newsletter and permission form went home on Tuesday, June 17th.  Field Trip day is Tuesday, June 24th.  Grade 7 and 8’s are going to Shining Waters, Grade 9’s to Sandspit.
~If your son/daughter did not receive a permission form please drop by office.
5. Report Cards:
Grade 9’s will receive their report cards on the 24th after their field trip…or on the 25th after grade 9 closing rehearsal.
-Grade 7 and 8’s will receive their report cards on the 25th.
6. Grade 9 Closing Rehearsal:
Will be held on Wed, June 25th from 9:00-10:30 am.  Students please meet in the gym when you arrive.
7. Grade 9 Closing:
Will be held on Wednesday, June 25th at 7:00pm in our gym.  Students are to meet in home rooms at 6:30pm.  The grade 9 closing dance will be held afterwards in our cafeteria from 9-11pm.

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Students Achieve

Student’s Achieve is live! This program gives the opportunity for parents to see online their son/daughter’s progress throughout the school year.  If you have not picked up your password’s…you are able to do so through our office.